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What is the best mattress in 2018? We’ve reviewed the top ones!

Might you be looking to upgrade your mattress? Do you wonder what is the best mattress you can buy? Getting yourself a good mattress not only improves the quality of your sleep and thus the quality of life; but it is also one of the best investments you can make. If you are like most people, you might be looking for a mattress that is of good quality yet affordable. There is a wide range of mattress choices available and it might be overwhelming to choose the right one for you. Luckily, we have reviewed some of the best mattresses of 2018 below. We’ll cut the noise for you and help you decide simply the best mattress for you. When buying a mattress, the main things to consider are type, price, durability and the various technologies that have been used to make mattresses more comfortable and even therapeutic.

Mattress types

Foam mattress for Scoliosis The foam mattress has steadily gained popularity over the years. The foam used to make the mattresses may be plant-based, gel-infused or traditional foam . Foam mattresses vary in quality depending on density and the amount of foam used. There are various foam mattress brands with the AS3 Mattress by Amerisleep being one of the best mattresses available. Cooling Mattress PadThe innerspring mattress is the oldest in the market. Although the foam mattresses have gained more popularity over innerspring mattresses, there are brands that have remained top contenders as manufacturers of some of the best innerspring mattresses in the market. One of these brands is the Saatva Mattress, which has received great reviews for qualities such as edge and lumbar support, organic cotton cover and individually wrapped coils. Latex mattresses are another type of popular mattress types. When made of natural latex, the mattresses are of very high quality, which cannot be said of synthetic latex or blended latex mattresses that are a combination of natural and synthetic latex. The Spindle Mattress and Zenhaven are two of the best latex mattress brands available in 2018. Mattress Topper for queen bed You might also consider waterbeds, gel-based mattresses as well as air mattresses. These types are far less popular and their reviews are also scarce. However, they have some good qualities including being hypoallergenic and affordable. The Strobel Organic Waterbed is a good quality mattress that is highly rated by customers.  

Our Best Choice for 2018

Without further ado, let’s answer our main concern, what is the best mattress on the market today? Our favourite choice of mattress in 2018 has to be the Amerisleep AS3 Mattress. This foam mattress has amazing reviews in the way it has blended the qualities of softness and support. This mattress has been designed using technology that releases pressure points to give a floating feel while you sleep. Overall, foam mattresses carry the day and the AS3 is the one you might want to consider for great quality and durability.